Buying a Sex Doll: Creating the Perfect Roadmap for a Successful Purchase


The lack of a human partner will no longer prevent you from fulfilling your kinky desires. With the availability of sex dolls, you can turn all your erotic dreams into reality. However, since you will be spending a lot of money on buying a sex doll, you should be mindful of a few points before making your purchase. Some factors that can help you buy the silicone sex doll of your dreams are as follows:

1.   Material

The market for sex dolls primarily offers two varieties of materials. You will have to make your choice between TPE dolls and silicone sex dolls. The two types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Silicone sex dolls have high durability, which makes them more expensive than TPE sex dolls.

  • Silicone sex dolls: The integrated heating systems of silicone sex dolls ensure that you can heat them for a long time. You can use an electric blanket for heating your silicone sex doll. The sex doll with a warm body temperature will be more pleasurable.

Silicone sex dolls are also easier to clean and maintain. They have high water resistance. Therefore, you can take a silicone sex doll inside the shower and act out your favorite shower sex scene from shows and movies.

  • TPE dolls: On the other hand, TPE sex dolls fall into the affordable category. Moreover, TPE sex dolls have realistic features, which makes them quite popular. The TPE sex dolls are also soft and squishy, unlike the silicone ones.

You can try out a wide variety of sexual positions with the TPE sex dolls as they are quite flexible. Gain knowledge about the features of the two types of sex dolls. After that, you will be able to understand which material will be suitable for you.

2.   Figure and Shape

Did you know that sex dolls come in different shapes and figures? While choosing your synthetic sexual partner, you have to think about the ideal body specifications. You also have to imagine the breast size of the female sex doll that will turn you on.

While looking for a male sex doll, you should think about whether you want a muscular physique or not. If you have a fetish for a huge ass, you should give some special consideration to the hip size. You can also get sex dolls with different appearances, like a Latina or a mature face.

3.   Size

Another important factor to consider before buying your sex doll is what size you want. Do you have enough storage space for your synthetic sexual partner? If space is a constraint, you can look for mini sex dolls.

You can also get a torso-only sex doll with no other features. On the other hand, it is also possible to find human-sized sex dolls. The size of your sex dolls can vary between 82 cm to 175 cm.

It is always prudent to choose a sex doll with smaller dimensions than yourself. It will ensure that you are able to handle it easily. A sex doll that is too heavy for you will deprive your pleasure. Besides, the larger the doll, the more difficult it will be to clean.

4.   Customization

You should be able to customize your dolls according to your preference to get heightened pleasure from For instance, you can choose the hair of your synthetic partner in bed. You can also choose the perfect head as per your hidden desires.

Some sex dolls have a built-in tongue that can offer a realistic feel. You can also get different shades of skin color and nipple color. You can also get to customize the fingernails and toenails.

Did you know that female sex dolls can have a fixed or removable vagina? The sex dolls with a removable vagina can be cleaned easily after use and is a hygienic option. But it needs a little technicality to fix the vagina.

5.   Shipping and Delivery

You need to know how the dealer will be shipping your sex doll. When you receive it, you will not want to find your synthetic pleasure partner in a damaged or broken condition. Therefore, you will need to know what steps the vendor is taking to ensure the safe handling of your sex doll.

Always buy from a verified vendor so that you can contact them for issues with the doll you received. Buying from a verified vendor will also ensure that you get the original product instead of cheap and fake copies. You should also inquire about the delivery speed. You will not want to wait for your sex doll for too long. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from the factors discussed above, consider your budget for buying a sex doll. After deciding on a budget, get ready to find the synthetic sexual partner of your dreams.