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Who is Fukada Kyoko?

Fukada Kyoko is a famous actress, singer, and photo model in Japan. She is a beauty whose beauty makes millions fall in love even though she turns 38. It can be said that her fiery beauty and body, even after many years, are still intact as when they debuted.

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The Japanese American woman was born on November 2, 1982, currently at the age of 38. Fukuda was born and raised in Kita, Tokyo, Japan. From a young age, she had a strong passion for art and soon revealed her natural talent. When she was in school, she often excelled in performing arts activities.

At that time, even she was a student, Fukada also soon matured and revealed her beauty. Even in a school uniform, it is easy to see her pure beauty, hot body. Because of that, when she entered the acting field, she soon achieved success.

From a young age, Fukada loves art. She is a fan of the famous pop singer Tomomi Kahara. Fukada always wished she would one day stand on stage singing and dancing. Because she longed to become a celebrity, when she was a high school student, Fukada began to participate in the arts.

In 1996, she registered to participate in a model contest held by the Horipro entertainment company. With a height of 1m63, she still occupies the hearts of the contestants because of her great stature. It can be said that the well-proportioned, healthy body, along with modern beauty is Fukada’s best advantage.

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Of course, she also won first place with her confident and seductive steps. After that, Fukada also officially joined the entertainment world, being watched by many directors and showers. After only one year, Fukada showed her ability through her first role in the drama Five. This role is like a big step to help this girl gain a solid position in the industry, gradually becoming the most desired beauty in Japan.

In the following years, Fukada continued to appear in many dramas and movies. In which she also held the lead role for many famous films such as Ring 2, School Day of the Dead. In 1999, Fukada also began to release her debut single, marking a new event in her career. Her singing talent was also discovered, helping her to become a multi-talented beauty of Japanese showbiz.

Fukada Kyoko is indeed a complete and talented beauty worthy of the most desired beauty in Japan. Because of that, we are not too surprised by the success that she has achieved. Even the fact that she married a successful businessman is also considered worthy of the couple.

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