5 date night ideas for a night in Adelaide


1. Dinner and a Movie

Why settle for dinner and a movie when you can have dinner , a movie AND some dessert ? Netflix has the ultimate selection of films to keep your date night going from start to finish. You could watch three different films back-to-back, but we recommend alternating between eating and cuddling: an onscreen kiss is so much better than real life! Chill out with some mood lighting and purchase some tasty takeaway food. Your local cinema will be delighted they don’t have to pick up the popcorn bill this time around!

2. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Adelaide’s history stretches back many years, with beautiful buildings that are perfect for exploring with your loved one. Visit our gorgeous parks or give the local bike paths a go. It’s important to make time for each other, and what better way than spending some quality time in nature? If you really want to impress your date, pack a picnic basket with all their favourite things; we’ve got some great tips on how to master the art of packing a picnic basket right here .

3. An Indoor Adventure

Sometimes the weather just does not permit us to spend our days outside! Instead of wallowing inside feeling sorry for yourselves, why not try out something new that will provide plenty of entertainment whilst keeping you both cosy. Try visiting an escape room together: if you haven’t already heard about this phenomenon sweeping Australia’s major cities, there are sites where you pay to be locked up in a room with your loved one! You must work together to solve puzzles that will eventually help you escape. Your time is limited, so be sure to figure out the clues as quickly as possible… remember, communication is key!

4. Get Dessert First

Don’t forget the most important meal of the day – dessert ! What’s the point of sticking to a strict diet when it’s date night? We have listed some of Adelaide’s best desserts for your dining pleasure. And why stop at just one helping? If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are some great places where you can buy desserts by weight, so you don’t have to limit yourself if more than one place catches your eye on the way home! Always practice moderation, though – you don’t want your date to have to roll you home tonight.

5. Go Retro

Not only does Adelaide have a gorgeous history, but we also have a stunning art scene! Ever wanted to take a tour of the SA Art Gallery , or see what our first settlers saw as they arrived on Kangaroo Island ? Now is the perfect time to explore our world-class galleries and museums . Who knows? You might even learn something new about each other through these cultural experiences! If either of you are particularly passionate about arts and crafts, why not check out an exhibition together where both of your skills can be put to good use as you create some wonderful memories together.

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